The jewellery

The unique pieces that will be auctioned have been handcrafted especially for the event by Christine Gauthier at WaterLily on Street 240, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The semi-precious stones have been donated by Jane from the UK. Jane collected the stones that are now incorporated in the jewellery during her travels around the world, for her friend, who had a passion for jewellery design. Sadly on her return to the UK Jane discovered her friend had passed away. Jane had been told by her friend to not get "anything boring" for her... What Jane has done with the stones is certainly far from boring and together with Christine's fabulous unique, one off, creations should create an amazing charity auction!

How to bid online

To make an online bid please leave a comment by clicking on the link below the item you wish to bid for or please email us with your bid –

To find out the latest bid please look in the comments section for each individual piece of jewellery.

When making your bid please bid in US dollars (US$) and make sure you specify the number of the piece (1 to 10) that you want to bid for.

Online bids will close at 9am (GMT) on 18 March 2009.

Bids made online will then be taken to the auction where real-time bids may be made against you – So make your bid a good one!

Delivery: Items may be picked up in Phnom Penh, Cambodia! – This may not be too easy for overseas visitors so…items will also be bought to the UK in April. Items can be hand delivered in Bristol and can be arranged in Central London. Items can also be delivered by hand to New York City at the end of April. Bidders from other locations will need to pay P&P costs from either the UK or Cambodia. Please email us if you would like further information about this.

Please note before bidding that if you make a bid which following the auction is the highest price offered your bid is legally binding! Please only make a bid if it is your intention to honour it - Many thanks!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Piece 11 - Bamboo Coral from Taiwan

This extravagant necklace is inspired by the Eritrea tree - Bamboo coral and copper have been entwined and twisted to create a stunning piece of unique jewellery.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Piece 10 - Rhodonite from South Africa

This superbly elegant handcrafted piece is exceptionally intricate. Individual strands of Rhodonite intertwine and weave around each other to form a delicate and interesting necklace - It will certainly dress up any outfit for a special occassion.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Piece 8 - Jade from Burma

Jade, copper wire and other decorative beads twirl around in this amazing contemporary necklace.

Piece 9 - Rhodonite from South Africa

This stunning unique necklace will wow any crowd! Copper and Rhodonite blend and twist together form a wearable work of art.

Piece 6 - Handcrafted out of Jade from Burma

This jade necklace truly reflects Christine of WaterLily's work as it conjures up images of Cambodian nature.

Piece 7 - Turquoise from Tibet with small Malachite beads

Threaded and woven into a copper web this turquoise from Tibet combined with small Malachite beads is an exquisite creation perfect for a special occasion or even just as a gorgeous piece for day wear!

Piece 5 - Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan

This amazing bracelet is a stunning addition to any outfit. The blend of Lapis and ceramic beads together with the copper form a fantastic piece of art for your wrist!

Pieces 4 - 4A, 4B, 4C - Pendants with Lapis Lazuli and Rhodondite

Pendant 4A - Lapis Lazuli - Afghanistan

Pendant 4B - Lapis Lazuli - Afghanistan


Pendant 4C - Rhodondite from South Africa

Piece 3 - Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan

These simple earrings perfectly compliment the lapis lazuli pendants or necklace. The lapis stones have beautiful tones.


Piece 2 - Lapis Lazuli necklace from Afghanistan

Oval Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan with ceramic beads form this amazing drop necklace.

Piece 1 - Turquoise bracelet from Tibet

This bracelet is an intricate piece of copper and turquoise woven together with beautiful handcrafted spirals of copper. A perfect compliment to the turquoise necklace.